3 Reasons to Follow a Teen on twitter and learn from them

News 12:05 May 2023:

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Today’s teens are socially hyperactive, and some of them have everything you would wish for in your account. An average active teen could have up to 800 followers, and the nasty things they sometimes tweet do give them hundreds of twitter likes. They are also good learners, and a teen that had ten followers last week could have a hundred of them today. So, if you are struggling with not getting enough followers or twitter likes on your posts, it is probably time you followed a popular teen and learnt from them.

And contrary to what most of us believe, teens don’t always tweet crap. Not all of them are self-absorbing as well. There are bright teen bloggers who could give you a lesson or two about how to run your twitter account. In addition, most of these young guys have very simple accounts. Their bios are attractive, and are at least consistent with what they post. You may not like what they tweet, but at least follow a few of them and laugh, learn or just enjoy their little lives.